Kestrel Emergency Telephone System


Overview of the Kestrel KETS system

The Kestrel Emergency Telephone System (KETS) has been designed by Kestrel as an extension to the Hawk Concentrator System and provides a practical product alternative to the current PETS system used within Network Rail for Automatic Half Barrier crossings.

The system has been approved by Network Rail under Certificate No. PA05/05063

KETS is a secure omnibus design and It is important to appreciate that the KETS design provides an alternative solution to the requirement for Public Emergency Telephone System (PETS) applications. It is not a plug-in replacement for the PETS product, but is a totally different design meeting the same standards.

Because of the need for an approved weatherproof telephone at the outstation the decision was made to provide this unit in association with GAI-Tronics Ltd. As a result the mechanics of their Titan weather resistant telephone is utilized, with the specialised internal electronics manufactured by them, under license from Kestrel.

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