Hawk Telephone Concentrator

The Hawk Telephone Concentrator is a high integrity telephone switch designed specifically to work within the safety environment of railway trackside communications.

All calls are presented on the control desk (HMI) and it is the operator / Signaller who can choose which circuits to answer or call and in which order.

It is capable of handling up to 60 circuits per system. These circuits may consist of CB, Magneto, Auto (analogue PSTN) PETS,  E&M and KETS. A smaller version of the control unit accommodates up to 30 such circuits.

The HMI (Human – Machine Interface) may be stand alone wall or shelf mounted, laid in desks or touch screens, to meet the specific project requirement.

The above picture shows the 30 line Hawk control unit with the cover set to the left and a 30 line desk unit on the right hand side.

The Hawk Telephone Concentrator is designed for and approved to Network Rail under Certificate No. PA05/02563 and others.

The Kestrel Hawk is used extensively by both Network Rail and London Underground (TfL) for secure trackside communications and nearly 200 systems have been installed throughout the United Kingdom to date.

Sales and marketing for this product is undertaken primarily though our associated company Fone-Alarm Installations Ltd.
Fone-Alarm are approved contractors to Network Rail. By being a key partner with us for this product they are able to offer a complete turn key package for installation, commissioning and maintenance when and where required .

For further information, please contact John Horner, Sales Director, at j.horner@fonealarm.co.uk  or visit : www.fonealarm.co.uk

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