Door entry systems

bespoke electronic door locksKestrel have been designing Door entry systems employing hands free telephone operation for many years.

The basic concept is that the door entry point can be linked to the individual called via the PSTN or a PBX.This then minimises the the cabling requirements in, for instance, a large block of flats. The overall system has the ability to call alternative numbers and to provide concierge and tradesmen facilities. It may be programmed by either the supply house or the customer himself if he chooses to do so.

The design is of modular form such that a series of products for different applications are produced and which are all based on the same Kestrel control board and software programming.

The current design is marketed by an associate company – Veermount Technology Ltd under the brand name of TeleHawk.

For more detailed information on the TeleHawk products please visit the Veermount website :


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