CTS3 Command Telephone System

The Kestrel CTS3 is a command telephone system for control room applications providing a complex switching capability for emergency service applications.

Communication for busesIt was designed by Kestrel to meet the requirements of Transport for London to provide full real time control of the London Public Bus Services.

Because of its flexibility in design  it is able to provide much more in terms of its capabilities than the conventional electronic exchange solutions.

The CTS3 is a modular design which allows for control desks to access incoming PSTN, PABX, IP and Radio circuits. Programming allows for limiting access of control desks to incoming lines where required.

In simple terms we describe the CTS3 as a ‘Tower of Babel’ design in that all control desks can all be talking to each other at the same time. Also any control desk can link up to any or all of the external circuits at the same time and bring them into the overall conference facility.

The ability to be able to set up a such a conference with any of the other controllers and also the external circuits means that, in an emergency situation for example, incidents can be handled much more easily and quickly in that all relevant agencies can be involved at the same time. Clearly this requires discipline but is a small price to pay for the resulting speed of response.

Because of the different applications of the system the design is intentionally  modular to allow for specific requirements to be easily met.

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